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Our experience at Babes In Toyland supports our firm belief that good lines of communication between child care providers and parents are essential for a quality child care experience.

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Here's what customers say about our service! 

"I would like to tell you what an amazing place Babes in Toyland is for our children. I have 4 children ranging in ages from 18 to 3. Never in my life have I seen a daycare that takes care of children as well as Margie does. My son has been there since he was barely over a year old. He was slightly behind for a child his age and because his siblings are all significantly older than he has not really spent any time with children his own age. In the two years he has been with Margie he has blossomed intellectually and is putting together 48 piece puzzles without help or struggle! 

Connor's growth throughout his time at Babes in Toyland has been a joy to watch. Margie's program of teaching allows them to grow at their own pace. Now that he is one of her older kids, he is still just as engaged in their learning program as he was when he was younger. Marge's experience and passion for teaching children shines through everyday with all the children she cares for. On a typical day I am one of the first parents there to pick up their kids. When I come to the door it is very evident that the children all feel safe, happy and engaged. I see the improvements not only with my own child, but will all the children there. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at and I will be happy to pass along my experiences with Babes in Toyland."

- Dave Devendorf  


"This review serves as a recommendation for Babes in Toyland, owned and operated by Ms. Margie Swanno. 

As a working mother, it's hard to find a place that can provide a comfortable and secure environment. However, I found that place with Margie. My son Steven has grown so much. He has learned shapes, colors, and even sign language. Prior to Ms. Margie, Steven went to a learning academy. The staff turnover was very high. He went to the academy lost, not knowing who he would see each day. When we discovered Babes in Toyland Margie immediately made me feel like I was leaving my child with a close family. I love how small each class is. Each child is different and Margie does an amazing job meeting each ones' needs. She also communicates extremely well with me in regards to my child. She is honest and trustworthy. On the weekends Steven asks about Margie and begs me to take him to daycare so he can see his new friends. We are luck to have found such a special place." 

- Liana Hernandez 


"Finding Babies in Toyland was such a blessing! Ms. Margie is such a wonderful day care provider. My son, Gavin, just smiles every time he sees her and she is so good with him! He is learning more and more every day he spends with her. 

Margie and her husband Ray really love what they are doing. They are such a pleasure to have watch my son. She updates me on anything he needs or does. I am a new parent so having someone who is experienced in child care is definitely a plus for me. I strongly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a day care provider."

- Annmarie Janke  


"To Parent's Considering Babes in Toyland as your child's provider, 

Our daughter has been a part of Margie Swann's day care since she was 2 years old. It can be hard to find the right provider for you precious child. My expectations were high since I too, was once a licensed day care provider. That changed after meeting with Ms. Margie and hearing about her program. I knew that her day care was so much more than just a place for your children to be. Ms. Margie and her husband Ray provide an educational, fun, learning environment in their home. When we bring out daughter to Ms. Margie's she knows she is going to school. She has been potty trained, bridged with manners and respect, taught colors, shapes, sign language, and so much more! Our daughter thinks of Margie and Ray as extended family. That is exactly what we wanted! Not just a provider to watch our children but an extension of our values and love.

We highly recommend Babes in Toyland."

- Kimberly & David Cole

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