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  (1) Free Choice - Opportunities include creative expression through art, language and music, dramatic play, block play, manipulative materials and books. Through these activities; children gain confidence in making choices, develop coordination and are encouraged to think creatively. 

  (2) Group Experience - Circle time and song time, cooperating, sharing and respecting each other, listening and discovering. The length and number of group experiences are based on each child's abilities and interests. Social Studies and Science provide a framework for many group experiences.

  (3) Birthdays - These are another great opportunity to enhance social skills while having fun. We look forward to assisting you with planning for your child's birthday party at Babes In Toyland.

  (4) Concepts and Skills Development - Provides each child opportunities to learn at his / her own pace and is tailored to individual needs. Learning and play can be synonomous for pre-school children when concepts are properly introduced. 

  (5) Refreshment Time - Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are provided according to each child's schedule

  (6) Music and Exercise - These are integral parts of our program.  Music aids in the development of social, motor, language and cognitive skills.

  (7) Outdoor Play - Our facility provides a fully fenced in play area.This includes a patio of over 600 square feet where children may use riding toys, shoot hoops etc and approx. 880 square feet where play equipment is located.. During inclement weather; indoor play is arranged.

  (8) Sign Language - A special unit on Sign Language is provided daily.

  (9) Reading Program - Early language development reading program for children 3 months to 5 years, by Robert Titzer, PHD

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